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Principalities & Promises Prt 2

On this 2nd part of Principalities & Promises we look the New Age Occult & Conscious Community & our own experience leaving it all behind for good praying for strength in the Holy Spirit . Whats breeds from the teaching of men , of our own hands? We go into why so many people leave the church after having a negative experience with one or 2 people leaving ourselves open to Satan & his beast religion . We simply need a strengthening of faith we read in 1 John Jesus warns of of Antichrist's. Jesus warns of False teachings and what can turn into the magnetic pull towards our own lusts & desires . Why do so many groups use Jesus words and the Bible yet deny him completely? Why in the New age community is the name of God - I AM used so much , yet the personal and real relationship with Jesus is denied claiming that we can become god completely. In James 3 We break down the deceiving compromising tongue that seeks to pull us away from who Jesus is & our relationship with him & how to spot & strengthen each other in our prayers.

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