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Sermon Series 114 Holiness & Faith

In this Sermon we talked a little about where we left off with the scapegoat the feast day of the day of atonement & how Jesus was and is our final atonement. In Leviticus 17 we read that the children of Israel are supposed to bring their offering to the tabernacle and that anyone who doesn't bring their offering before the tabernacle blood is imputed to them. It also states that no one is supposed to ingest blood. In the same way if we are offering our prayers in a different way a strange way and not in the way Jesus commanded us but in the ways of the world and nations around us Jesus will not bless us with his presence. In the old testament Jesus refers to the other nations as gentiles & strangers. They surrounded Israel we have the same thing now the world surrounds us ,the ways of the world surrounds us. We read in Nehemiah 13 that the Israelites strayed away from gods commands practicing adultery fornication and idolatry. Jesus said we are in this world but not of it & we are supposed to set an example to the nations around us and the world around us. This takes faith because it may not seem as desirable to us at first. This is where we need the guidance of the holy spirit.

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