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Sermon Series 42 Sight & The Blind

In this Sermon we explore the subject matter of having sight in Acts 9 where saul was blinded by the light of Jesus and in his blindness gains perfect sight in becoming one of the best examples among the apostles . Jesus sais that the Blind will be able to see the those who can see will become blind . This becomes a lesson in various stories of faith & patience and becoming humble. We also look at Bar-Jesus or Elymus in Acts 13 and how this sorcerer is then confronted by Paul formerly Saul who became blind then looks right at Elymus and rebukes him the bible sais a dark mist comes over Elymus and he has to be lead by the hand. We look at these 2 examples & how Jesus reveals the true power of the holy spirit through what seems like weakness or vulnerability . We end by looking at Numbers 22-24 and Revelation 15 , 4 , 19

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