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Sermon Series 48 Righteous Judgement & The Gathering

In this Sermon we start off taking a look at Joshua 3 4 & 5 looking at how the children of Israel were rededicated to God after their parents where righteously judged in the wilderness & how Joshua was then given instruction by an angel . We take a look at john6 :2-12 when Jesus states gather up the fragments that remain so that none be left and how this related to Revelatioon 14 :14-16 with the harvest in the Bible Jesus states that he wants all to be saved and none lost . Jesus is fast approaching his coming is closer than ever and we must all make sure to follow his commandments and not practice the things he hates but the things he loves . 3 crucial scriptures are 1 corinthians 3 & 6 & Zecheriah 6-8 as a body as a church one thing. that has to be left behind in the celebration of Pagan holidays observances and the American way of life which is not keeping in a distinction from the body the church the kingdom itself . Listen react & comment Let the holy spirit continue to refine us all to become stronger pillars on Jesus 's foundation . Amen

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