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Sermon Series 87 Jesus The Spirit of Prophecy

In this Sermon Jesus leads us to look at prophecy starting off in Daniel 2:16-21 where Daniel & his 3 friends must seek god . Nebuchadnezzer had just ordered. all the wise men to be killed and Daniel and his groups lives are at stake . They go to seek God the Bible sais " they would desire the Mercies of God" and Daniel was the one to receive the prophetic in a night vision he received a vision of King Nebuchadnezzers dream. This all relates back to the Exodus story .We then read in 2 chronicles 17 & 19 about how God inspires us to bring order back into the body of Christ Jesus then leads us to look toward the future of bringing us back into order in Ezekiel 44. Jesus then leads us to relate everything back to the Exodus story . Jesus leads us back into Exodus 9 to look at how God gave the egyptians a chance to obey him with the 6th plague .Some of the Egyptians did obey God but most did not we look to our own time and how the same circumstances will play out again . In Exodus 10 we explore briefly that the servants and fellow egyptians told the pharoah does he not yet know that egypt is already destroyed . Today we see similarities with the crumbling of america and the worldwide culture and powerstructure right before our eyes . Jesus is asking us to grow and seek to be closer to him and obey him more than ever. We also watched a short piece of the Patterns Of Evidence Film The Exodus which explained a little bit more about Goshen were the Hebrews were located at in Egypt.

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