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Sermon Series 92 Gather Together (Great Rain)

In Ezra 10:9-14 we see Ezra the high priest lead Israelites into a time of repentance, separation santification and purity. Jesus leads us into examining this path of Holiness. Jesus leads us to this scripture which describes a great trembling because of the matters they were dealing with and the great rain. As we look at the current time we live in, we see this same trembling and the same rain in our prayers and our revivals.We see a closing up of events and ways of thinking.This rain it is from Jesus that waits to fall. It is the presence and glory of the spirit of Jesus the holy spirit. As we go forward we review the waters flowing out of the rock in Exodus 17, The manna falling and the battle with Amalekites. Jesus leads us right into Exodus 18 & 19 which is the formation of the Kingly Priests the Church itself and the 1st upright government by inspiration of God.

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