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At SMUCD, we believe that we are what we eat and what we think. This is why we strive to teach our students, as well as our supporters, how to eat and think consciously. So many people suffer from obesity, as we often tend to eat according to what our bodies desire, instead of according to what our souls need; Which is the original diet set for us by Our father in heaven.

 One predominant key figure that has examined the original plants/fruits set here upon the Earth for us to eat, is Dr. Sebi. He is a profound naturalist, doctor and healer of all common ailments and diseases. Here is a list of organic foods that have not been altered since the beginning of time( in their organic form) and are not a bi-product of engineering.



 VEGETABLES                          CONDIMENTS:
Amaranth greens               Olive coconut + avocado oil
Red onions                       Raw sesame tahini butter
Avocado                         Sea salt & agave nectar
Bell peppers                     Chamomile, fennel, ginger
Kale                                Parsley, oregano, thyme
Stringed beans                  Basil, cilantro, sage    
Dandelion greens
Cherry tomatoes                 ______________________

Burro bananas
Red grapes-seeded
Juniper Berries (in small quantity)

Wild rice


For more information about Dr. Sebi, please research the links we have provided below...

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Dr Sebi Lecture Explains His Mucus-less Diet and Food List for Alkaline Healing

DR SEBI on The Rock Newman Show






 Health is about caring for the whole person — providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. It's rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health, and being unwell in one aspect affects you in others. There are five main aspects of personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual.



      At SMUCD, we have created a weekly bible study that consists of remembering 5 proverbs a day to meditate on... Two for self, Two for inspiring others, and one to help shape a better world. This helps our students build up their self-esteem and inner truths, that have been taken away by past traumas and current misconceptions. 


 In order to maintain individual health, one must first walk in the truth that we are not the body, but the soul. Also, one must gain a personal relationship with Jesus christ. By doing so, we believe we will achieve the understanding of our life purposes. Our main focus at SMUCD is to teach the combined spiritual truths that have been divided into various religions and belief systems. Therefore, to know the depth of their story, is to understand our own soul's relation to its creator, and our life purpose and spiritual gifts.







It is often said that we are all designed to be amongst each other. There are so many cases of people going insane, simply by being isolated for long periods of time. We too, can attest that when experiencing periods of isolation within our life, not only did it cause sadness, but we were eager to return to our social environment after being away for so long. This is because having a network of friends and family around you means that you are not alone in your everyday responsibilities of life, and lessons to be learned. This is why SMUCD is designed to allow our students to live with us on campus.   Everyone's needs can be met. Everyone can have a sense of stability. Everyone can experience what it means to have a godly family of like-mindedness. Also, we allow for others to join with us after school hours and our former students will always be welcome to stay after graduating. We will have many buildings designed for healthy social interaction, such as our gardens sit and eat area, the children's play area for students who have children and families, our school living room/ lounge area, library, dining hall, inner courtyard, study/quiet rooms, spa, and more! Former students become examples for others and inspiration. They can become teachers, counselors, and service. Our environment is designed to give everyone as much space as needed and we have a zero-tolerance for bullying, disrespect, and harassment of any kind. Social health means you are safe in the environment that you live in. It means that you can trust those you allow to be closest to you. It means you can be at your best, and able to communicate your heart's song and articulate your observances and thoughts to people who are like minded. Below is an example of topics our students will be able to learn during their courses in  Health



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