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Back to my First Love

And I return, I return back to my first love

The first one, He who first loved

My First Love

As thy Ruach holy spirit fills the deepest parts

The innermost thoughts that reside within

The chambers of my heart

Now I am your as thy art mine

Now I can see your everlasting why

As I pondered often of your unconditional love

Thinking I was not apart

That I had to try to gain thy love

A love that always is, and never was

A love that has followed me through tests and trials

For ye have inspired me with thy everlasting vows

And as a husband thou have pursued me

Relentlessly, Determined to bring me back into thy arms

To be lost without a cause, I am convinced that I never was

For your light have shined upon me in the dark.

And like Tom Hanks on cast away I was in the strong deluge

In belief that I had found thee in New Age Mysticals

And I was in love with stones and herbs, I sought creation when I hurt

And I had forgotten how you pursued me when I chose another's works

I had forgotten of your unfailing love, how you protected my little ones

when a kidnapper came to take her beloved face away

What would have been my untimely fate, an endless sorrow never escaped

You shone a light, a glorious light that parted a crowd from her eyes to mine

And I could see her innocent hands as the kidnapper dropped her hands and his jaw

Astonished as to how this pathway was created like the fog

He was assured he would escape as the crowd was very large....But my God

My God, my Yah... My Jesus are...Yahuah Nissi, your victory song

How could I forget when you sent your angels to me...when my heart couldn't take any more

When the abuse became waist deep, when I was stuck in defeat, when I became the very thing

That's when You Are... You sent me messengers to deliver my ears the greatest words of all

It is done.

It is done, and I was done, though I had no clue as to how it was

How could 3 years worth of abuse be over in one night?

How could a pattern reoccurring just unfold before my sight?

But you God, You somehow placed it in the officer's hearts

To not leave until I chose to leave.... there they stood, unmoved by my abuser's charm

As so I praise you now, here and ever after. Years after your grand introduction

How you showed your face to me when I returned back to my bondage

How you had nursed me back to health

How you adorned me with oils frankincense and myrrh

And even now, you fill me with your spirit till I overflow

I am convinced you always were, still to this day you are, and forever will be

My first Love.


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