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BIBLICAL FIND Real Noah’s Ark ‘buried in Turkish mountains’ and experts say 3D scans will prove Bibl

They were created by computer engineer and archaeologist Andrew Jones, as well as geophysicist John Larsen, in a bid to study the strange object. Jones and Larsen shared their discoveries with Sertesen, director of the 2017 documentary "Noah's Ark". Sertesen admitted that the images aren't necessarily of Noah's Ark, and could be of another ship entirely. "It's a ship, but it's too early to be called Noah's Ark," he said. 4 Pictures of the ship will reportedly be revealed in a forthcoming documentaryCredit: Corbis - GettyThat seems unlike considering the spot is over 50 miles from the nearest body of water. The ship-shaped site was discovered in 1959 by Captain Ilhan Durupinar, an expert cartographer. The first scientific research of the formation was performed only 26 years later, with researchers concluding that ''it is highly likely that the formation underground is a ship." It's not clear when Sertesen's documentary will air.

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