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Know the Patterns of Your Enemy; Protect Your Family

The holy spirit has placed this heavy on my heart to share such a prophetic message as this. For we all know that many of us endure losses during these times we call holidays. We often find ourselves in a state of bitterness, rejection, and abandonment during the time we feel we need to be appreciated the most. This has all been apart of a continuous cycle of love, hate and divorce, that brings so much calamity to our family structure, and most of all, our children. This past weekend, The holy spirit led me to see that the enemy has not changed in his attempts to completely ruin marriages, and families as a whole. Between Oct 30th, 2022, and Oct 31st, 2022, There was heavy witchcraft, and rituals done that resulted in a spirit of divorce, the demonic force of Jezebel, and the spirit of Azazel being unleashed upon the entire Earth. Now, I know this sounds quite apocalyptic, but check the title again; Know the Patterns of Your Enemy. This same thing has been occurring every year. This is why many people experience sudden break-ups, files for divorce, and bitter reactions. Its the reason why wounds from the past that have supposedly been forgiven all of a sudden resurface as an ongoing issue, that has not seen any evidence of growth. It is the reason why many people loose their spouses and loved ones and a lot of death occurs.