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Like looking at the valley from a mountain

 I seen his eyes...

He has the eyes of a pure love that is longing. To the extent he longeth, an endless measure recorded in his eyes. Like a gaze or sigh of a heart filled with awe as it clocks the time till love comes over. It neither shuns nor shines in pride. They were soft and their shine was sharper... for my love... see his eyes long longer. He is Love and that Love longeth farther. Like a father in search for his beloved daughter. I am that daughter who deeply seeketh that father, and the longing love that fills the eyes of an endless loving lover. Jesus, your compassion is worn. It is mulberry silk sure; never dull,never torn. And I am quite certainly sure, that my prayers here after are written in the words of your storm. Must my heart be a chapter? Let it speak of the eyes that I saw. Let it reach for their longing's call. Let me breathe for that Lover in awe.. and be taught in his majesty's arms. Never dull, and totally sure... that the love I seek no words can speak was the eyes of Jesus in awe. Let the words I speak be the heavens height reach, Like the longing of a universal call. A call to return, a plead and a yearn. Of what was once known and now lost to be found. They speak without sound; Eyes in whose owner has no begining nor end bound. And no chains to his crown. Just an endless lure back to peace out of war... and eyes that twinkle with treasures of joy in store. And theres nothing I could change nor diminish... Your eyes spoke that sentence, the question I envisioned...

"Do you love me despite the war?"

Before I finished that sentence...Jesus eyes were the vision. It crushed the forces of doubt and brought me low... to a place of forgiveness. To know that the love Ive sought hard to be worth in, was searching for a me... that was searching for commitment. But that hadent been me as I was tossing in a whirlwind... Still those Jesus eyes...were fixed, 20/20 sight attentive. A fountain I never knew the debth nor did I know the Eyes that Jesus seen in... The day... this day my heart seen his will for me... Longing in the eyes of Jesus' vision.

Like looking at the valley from a mountain.

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