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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Many of us have forgotten what it means to simply pray. All that The Creator, THE GREAT I AM, asks for is for all of us to simply pray and talk to him. Even when we begin, which can be at anytime we develop a personal relationship with him, he begins to unravel the truth. He begins to present truth and reality. He spoke through the scriptures. This has much to do with our own personal journey in discovering simplicity in a world that wants extravagance, gods, idols, ceremonies, and rituals . Through our own journey inside of Hare Krishna, we found ourselves doing a side by side comparison to the Bible which has always talked about all of these things clearly and precisely. The Creator THE GREAT I AM spoke to us of something to come. He spoke that the Locusts would return similarly to what plagued the Egyptians in the ancient past.