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The Sermon On The Mount Prt 4 Oaths Vows Honesty Alcohol Adultery & Staying Humble

We take you into the The 4th part of the Sermon on the Mount series we delve into the story of Judah and some of the mistakes in our community concerning men and alcohol and judgement going right into Oaths & vows truth & being 2 faced with Jesus in the Sermon on The Mount & Solomon speaking about about both of these things in Proverbs & Asher and what it means to be humble in Luke and delving deep into our hearts as Children of God with the real true Power of the holy Spirit

Scriptures referenced to follow along with us

Mark 10:1-4 Teaching about Divorce

The Testament of Judah chp2

The Testament of Judah chp3

Proverbs 31 The Teaching of King Lemuel’s Mother


Proverbs 6 Practical Admonitions

The Testament of Asher

Matthew 23 Jesus Denounces Scribes and Pharisees

Luke 14:7-14 Humility and Hospitality

Proverbs 25:6-7

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