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Intimacy within your marriage... Is it really gone?

Today's topic touches me in a place where I can still feel the sting of relationship disappointments. For in my own marriage have I sought out the answer to this question upon many occasions. Times when I went the entire day not seeing the smiling face of my husband that once captured my heart. Times when eye contact between us was a thing of the past. Those long passionate stares long since gone, faded and drowned away at the sounds of dishes being washed, children yelling and fighting, and the constant talks of disciplinary action. And even at night when all the children were sound asleep; feeling the woes of an exhausted gasp for air...Finally! Yet those words would be short-lived at the sound of our newborn awaking with shrieks and bountiful gestures that indicated...its play time!!! I would begin to do my best to stay up to get at least an hour with my husband. Reading the bible or watching a movie, we would attempt to spend time together, but to no avail. For what we deemed time spent was actually absent of the true intimacy in the beginning of our relationship. It plagued the moments spent engaged in intimacy, holding each other, kissing each other, and soon, the cares of this world began to circumference our once inseparable bond.

Is this you and your significant other? Well I'm here today to ask you the question that you've probably been wondering, and pondering on. The question that often leads to premature divorce. The question that often times causes one to forsake their treasures for a fool's gold. The question in whose answers are often defrauded by abuse, adultery, and even incest. Whose answers are often misunderstood.

I am here to tell you today with full confidence that intimacy between you is never really gone. It is being suppressed by a lack of time spent, dedication, and effort to bring it back to life. It is being thrown aside due to distractions and even the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. It is being snatched away by the cares of this world as Jesus speaks in Mathew in the parable of the sower. I thought my intimacy between my husband was gone until I realized the forces that were behind those sudden interruptions and exhausting days. For there are forces at work in every moment, that try to destroy the intimacy within a marriage. Satan does not want you to be close when what the One true God desires is Godly offspring. (Malachi 2:15).

I encourage you today to examine what has prevented you from that intimate time with your significant other, whether school, work, home duties, kids, a lack of a gentle responses towards each other, lack of grace towards each other's daily common mistakes or even disappointments in the past, and pray to Jesus to remove the forces working within your home to prevent intimacy between you two in Jesus name. Watch God work miracles in your life. The long lasting kisses will come back. Being held in each others arms all night will come back. Pillow talk will come back. You do not need to leave your spouse to experience intimacy. It is right there where it belongs, waiting for you both to care again, for you both to listen to each other more than getting a point across. For you to ask questions about his or her likes again. Find out something you didn't know before. Have faith in Jesus who can do all things and always remember.

When things are going Good...You still Need JESUS



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