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Sermon Series 52 Sometimes Jesus Comes With The Storm

Updated: May 10, 2023

In this special sermon the Holy Spirit points us to how Jesus can come in storms the 1st scripture that we are directed to is Matthew 14:13-36 where Jesus tells his disciples to meet him across the sea of galilee after feeding the 5 thousand he walks on the water towards the disciples as a storm hits them in the middle of the sea and calms the storm as well as doubts . In Exodus 19:9 & 17-20 Jesus sais he comes in a thick cloud to judge and to assist his people , he comes to Mount Sinai to deliver the laws as the trumpets thunder. The Holy spirit leads us to understand that jesus comes in these storms alot of the times for deliverance and much more . We read in 1 Kings 18 & 19 in the story of Elijah how Jesus comes to deliver a strong message and brings sustenance for Israel out of their 3 year drought with a cloud which looks like a hand . Read along and listen with us feel free to share and participate . Blessings

We watched this at the end of the Sermon visit the link and ((click watch for free))

Patterns Of Evidence (Free Stream) (Start at 1:47:06) & definitely rewind & watch in full

Patterns of Evidence (Part1) The Exodus free Stream ((click watch for free))

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