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Sermon Series 80 Upright Family Prt 4 Favour

Jesus first leads in this 4th part of Our Series to Luke 2:52 the Bible sais that Jesus increased in wisdom and stature , and in favour with God and man. We briefly read about the tribe of Judah being taken into Babylon. We then briefly view a video about the history of the Jewish people of Judah in Babylon & the favour that Jechoiachin a king of Judah had , even while he was in slavery and how this lines up with what God promised David .We then take a look at the story of Daniel and how he got to Babylon being of the Tribe of Judah and the Favour he had with King Nebuchadnezzer & Darius the king and how he was propelled to a prominent position while in slavery . Similarly we read that Jacob is lead back to Canaan in Genesis 32 & 33 he is specifically lead to Shalem (Jerusalem) to pitch his tent and goes to. Shechem where he leads his family in Holiness Obedience and the favour of God . We then read that Joseph is now 17 years old and is favoured amongst his brothers because of this favour his is despised and sold into slavery in Egypt in Genesis 39-41. We find that like Daniel he interprets dreams & is obedient to God the result is being Favoured and lifted up above everyone in Egypt becoming 2nd to only to the King. Listen watch read discover listen and pray with us , as we continue to ask the right questions and receive the right answers in the holy spirit .

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