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Sermon Series Prt 26 Jesus The Word & The Holy Spirit

In this Sermon we explore the Word of God and what it means to obey the word of God and what it feels like to be given a word or words from God with the example of Job's friend Elihu the story of Ezekiel & the story of Jeremiah. We read the story of Jehu being delivered a prophecy through the word of God Jehu's friends doubt that word .We then go into Jesus's similar rejection in Jerusalem and how he speaks about a prophet not being welcome in their own home town. We look at the doubt of others who may receive the words in time or not at all because of doubts as the parable of the sower explains because of the cares of this world. We end on not just hearing the word but doing & executing knowing that Jesus is the Living Word & the gift he gave us the Holy Spirit.

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