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Being a former member of the "Conscious Community", I often took notes of the various arguments against the validity of the bible, and even the quote, "God of the Bible," and even various arguments downplaying the walk of the messiah. Many people for starters would validate to me their opinion being fact by simply reassuring me... " I HAVE READ THE BIBLE FRONT TO BACK. Now, this statement was seemingly the go to statement for everyone shunning away the word, but what did this statement really mean? Did it mean that they read it and understood what was being said? Did they read it and research and truly study it, and even go back to the parts they did not understand? Or simply, did they read and stop reading once they ran across a part that many stated was, " Contradicting". UPON FURTHER INQUIRY...I FOUND THAT MANY SIMPLY DID NOT READ AT ALL. IN FACT, WHAT THEY READ WAS EITHER WHEN THEY WERE A CHILD IN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, OR SIMPLY HERE AND THERE, BUT NOT IN ENTIRELY. What I found most compelling was the argument that The god in the old testament was not the true god of love when he was recorded as needing many blood sacrifices of animals, and that he actually asked abraham to sacrifice his son. .... Being studious in the word, from what I did read, I discovered that it was more a matter of the intention behind everyone's read. I could not understand how they could derive to such conclusion when the entire old testament details the creators intimate involvement with his chosen people, saving them from Egypt, and then dealing with them according to their ways. There is a scripture that talks about an account where the Israelites, after having been in the desert for quite some time became angry with God's manna, and decided they would return to Egypt's slavery, where at least they would have meat to eat. Angered, but with compassion, God caused multiple birds to drop from the sky so that they could feast and eat meat. However, angered that they would prefer to eat the meat of his living creatures, caused a plague to be placed upon them for eating the meat. In the tribes of Israel altogether, there were well over 700 million men women and children. Once God healed them from their sickness, he gave them a way to eat meat, where they would not incur a sin guilt. He called for priests to build a tabernacle. One in which they all could bring their sacrifices, or MEAT, TO the alter or tabernacle at appointed times so the priest could sanctify it, and God bless it, so they could all take part in eating the meat together at the tabernacle, sorta like a feast or what we know as sunday dinner. Now, this calls for wisdom... If looking at the mentioned sacrifices from one angle, one would be horrified at so many sacrifices of animals...But, if one looked at it from the bigger picture...400 goats per tribe would be necessary to feed 700 million people altogether. TODAY, THIS SACRIFICE IS STILL DONE WHENEVER WE EAT MEAT BECAUSE TO EAT MEAT IS TO EAT LIFE WHICH HAS BEEN SACRIFICED FOR FOOD. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEN AND NOW.... WE DO NOT SANCTIFY THE MEAT, THEREFORE WE INCUR BLOOD GUILT FOR EATING A MURDERED ANIMAL. AND UNLIKE THEN, WE EVEN EAT THE MEAT WITH THE LIFEBLOOD IN IT, SOMETHING GOD FORBID THE ISRAELITES TO DO. This topic, one of many I have noticed being distorted within the conscious community teachings, profaning the image of god into utter blasphemy. 2. Many stated they simply do not believe because man wrote it, yet they also believe in black history books and other scientific books and claim to be wise because they have read many spiritual books.... All written by man. The only difference...The bible has been proven to be true accounts in many indigenous cultures, such as Ethiopia, with Solomon. The Kebra Nagast has quotes from scripture in it. Does it matter whether the Hebraic Version or the Kings James Version? For me, when I studied both, I got the same message, despite wordplay differences. And how is it that archaeologists have found Noahs arc and locals in Turkey confirm it is it, for the place is named from long ago. And what of the arguments of the name of the messiah, over the message and the walk. Let us not talk about the name, rather ask...did it happen? And if so, after examining the accounts, does this make all Jesus/ Yeshuah said valid? Can we argue his teachings are not to edify us for the better? Then why do we hold onto meaningless conflicts instead of focusing on the remedy to getting along with the members of our own household and people in the world who need us, like the homeless, and how we are to act in a world that doesnt accept us? I simply end this post by questioning; How many of us have truly read the bible and truly understand what the message is? And if we really have not,...then even as conscious beings, if we believe that we are above it, and are at the same time seeking to save the world...then knowing how much of our brothers and sisters are here, at this level, why not truly read it again, now that we are older with better understanding, to help others truly understand? Peace and Love

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