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Baal Balenciaga & Hollywood Broken down By Jesus

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In the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 18:10 & Acts 15:20 In the New testament the worship of Baal (Modern Day Baphomet) is condemned by Jesus. The Satanic Masonic Occult groups all over the world which practice this in Human trafficking of Blood, human & Child sacrifice rituals, consisting of Governments Hollywood Celebrities and the Royal British family are being brought to the surface. As it is being exposed these groups are trying to hide what they are doing but also glorifying and normalizing it. As we pray Jesus exposes everything done in the darkness and shadows and brings it all to the light . Anyone who is using New age practices is unknowingly tying themselves to something that has the same source in Occult Satanism and worship of Baal . These groups seek the power that they think Satan can give them . As we continue to pray Jesus wants none to perish and wants to bring us into all truth letting us know we are to never practice any of these things. Jesus wants to bring us all to himself without spot or wrinkle . Amen !!

Prophetically Directed by Jesus we spoke about this in our Sermon Series Antichrist beast. System Part 2 False Liberty Scroll down below the paragraph & images to see Video and Audio

A clip from the hit show “American Horror Story” is going viral this week for its connection to luxury fashion brand Balenciaga, which was outed over the last couple of weeks for running ads promoting pedophilia.

In the scene, released in 2017, a witch who is set to be burned at the stake suddenly shouts, “Balenciaga!

The odd choice of dialogue was dismissed by some television buffs at the time as a “quirky” thing for the witch character to shout, but now that the fashion brand is closely linked to Satanic imagery and people who are infatuated with black magic the whole thing is much more strange.

One Balenciaga advertisement showed the brand name spelled “baalenciaga” on a product the company sells with the name spelled correctly.

When the name is spelled this way and broken down into Latin, the phrase in English reads, “Baal is king.”

You know how Balenciaga had warning tape in one of their ads spelling their name BAALENCIAGA? A friend just pointed out that if you separate those words in Latin to Baal enci aga then it translates to Baal is the king. Baal is a demon. Pure evil. — Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) December 1, 2022

Sermon Series Antichrist beast. System Part 2 False Liberty

(( Video w Audio ))

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