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Sermon Series 122 Feast Days Of Joy Prt 5

In this Sermon we look at the story and feast day of Purim in the book of Esther . Jesus leads us to discover that when the kingdom was split after king solomon's sins , Judah Levi and Benjamin moved to what became the southern kingdom of Judah. Now during Esthers time a family member whos name was Mordecai a scribe who was of the tribe of Benjamin raised her up iEsther 2:5-17. Mordecai worked in the temple. Jesus leads us to discover the great favor he had on these 2 as Esther was chosen to be queen. Haman a prince under the king declared death unto all jews. Later on after faithful prayer and fasting from Esther and all the jews in the area of Shushan seen in Esther 4:13-17. Esther gained the favor of the king and Jesus himself and the king reversed his order to kill and persecute all jews . Haman was killed & the kings ring was given to mordecai so what the was done by haman could be undone. The kings army & the jews were allowed to destroy all who were enemies of the jews many of who became/ converted to be jews out of fear. We see in Esther 10 The Jews then held a celebration named after the original order of this decree called pur and named the feast purim .During this feast for 2 days they would send portions to each other and send gifts to the poor.


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