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Sermon Series 132 Freedom

This Sermon is called Freedom Jesus leads into all truth starting in Zechariah 11:1-14 in Line 5 it sais Whose possessors slay them and hold themselves not guilty : and they that sell them say, Blessed be the Lord; for I am rich : and their own shephards pity them not. Further down in line 7 Jesus sais I took me two staves the one called Beauty and the other I called bands and I fed the flock. Which signals the beginning of the 2 witnesses (True Israel & Judah) beginning their testimony like what we read in Zechariah 4 & Revelation 11 . We are facing a time in which the leadership of the churches and nations have no pity for the people and are turning a blind eye to the truth. The Truth of oppression this is what the world faces and this is what America faces. We are looking at the Judgement of the Lord Jesus told to us in the scriptures like what we read in Joel 3. This is the central reason for the current conflicts in the middle east and in the Ukraine. We read in Obadiah 1 that the example of Israel & Judah being taken into slavery and destruction by the Assyrians and Babylonians because of disobedience. In Zechariah 3 Jesus lets us know how much he wants us to serve him and to be the example the Body of Christ heading towards the thousand years of peace. It was the same way during the Exodus period as we go back into Exodus 8 & 9 we see the unbearable oppression labor and over taxing even restriction in worship which leads to deliverance and spirit of truth the holy spirit Jesus himself.

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