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Sermon Series 130 Deliverance

Updated: Apr 30

Jesus leads us into our Sermon this sabbath on Deliverance leading us into Romans 9 letting us know that they are not all israel who are of israel. There are prophecies that are being fulfilled & that includes those who may not have answered the call being not all Israel. In line 28 we see how fast Jesus is going to fulfill " for he will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness " that what we are about to see will happen very fast and swiftly. These prophecies & Judgements have to be fulfilled because of the various injustices that have been done to the Lords chosen ones. We read in Joel 3 & psalm 83 that the people of israel were taken captive and sold to the grecians (Greeks) into slavery. This is a direct link into modern examples of oppression which America is founded on, Greek Roman Egyptian & European Renaissance culture and beliefs including Slavery. Jesus speaks about a time when the whole captivity is delivered. We finish reading in Exodus 3-6 where we see exactly this , the children of Israel being delivered and the peoples belief getting their way. Moses and Aaron then perform the signs , right now Jesus is performing the signs for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. AMEN

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