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Sermon Series 55 Direction Prophecy & Judgment

In this rainy shabbat day Sermon we take a look at why we shouldnt pierce our ears we also take a deep look at Isaiah 11-17 and the prophecies promises & revelations Jesus left us for this time . Direction Prophecy and Judgment Jesus leads by way of his holy spirit to take a look at the exodus and what the gold and specifically the golden earings were used for we discover that piercings and earings are a sign of voluntary bondage and that the Israelites used those earings to bond themselves to idolatry instead of Jesus . That same gold was directed from God through Moses and out of Bazaleel & Aholiab & was supposed to be used to create the tabernacle the Ark of the Covenant its pieces and priestly garments and clothing . In like manner Jesus tells us in the Bible not to store up our treasures on earth but on heavenly things of the kingdom he gives us direction. We read in 1 kings , 2 chronicles and Nehemiah that we aren't supposed to covet and want the things and the ways of the gentile nations around us Israel was Judged for that . Moses prophesied it Jesus also did in luke 12:49-53 that he came to bring division. Bringing to mind that not everyone would understand & that we shouldnt want the ways of the world but the ways of the heavenly kingdom of Jesus .

We also took a look at this video (Below) & this resource

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