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Sermon Series 63 The Upright Man & Woman Of God Prt 3

In this Sermon we go into our 3rd part of our current series . We start off with a small review then go into James 3:4-11 & then 4 which deals with our tongue and how it can make a big effect . For good and for bad and for us in our marriages as men & as women we must learn to bridle our tongues . "Even so the tongue is a little member , and boasteth great things . Behold how great a matter a little fire kindleth ". We then go into 1 Timothy 5 & 6 where we read about being content many times we think of the future and the things we want and need but Jesus is telling us he has blessed us with quality , the things we have now & we are to appreciate and be content with those things. We then touch on 2 Timothy 2 &3 about being faithful men and being sound in our Judgement and our walk & Titus 1 & 2 about how we are to blameless and looking and striving to be that way for each other with Jesus at our center in our marriages .

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