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Sermon Series 69 Revelation Part 4

In this 4th part of our revelation sermon series we take another look at Revelation 11 Zechariah 14 and the book of Ezekiel as well as Romans 2 . Zechariah 14 speaks of Jesus coming back and landing on the mount of Olives it splitting and living waters flowing out from there and there being one lord and his name one . We take a look at this reflected in Revelation 7 :15-17 & in Ezekiel 47 where an angel shows Ezekiel the depth of the waters and how it flows out of the new temple out of Jerusalem to the Former sea or Great sea which is the (Mediterranean Sea) and the hinder sea which is behind Jerusalem the (Dead Sea) which is restored and healed. We consider this & we look at what this means as it is stated in Romans 2 for the Jew 1st and the Gentile . Thank you all & many blessings.

We also took a look at a short video you can take a look at it in the link below

Original video link

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