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Sermon Series Prt 33 Refined By Fire & The Holy Spirit

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

In this episode & Sermon we start off closely looking at 2 chronicles 7 Solomon is seen offering his prayers and sacrifices to God . While learning to know God & doing what pleases God he answers him with fire and through the fire , meanwhile the priests are not able to come near the temple . Jesus continually speaks throughout the bible of being tested in fire and that our work and our foundation would be tested & revealed by fire because he is a devouring fire . As we strive to grow our relationship with Jesus we learn what we must leave behind. Leaving pride and profane babbling behind & only Boasting & glorying in Jesus . We learn that our convictions ,this refinement , this smoothing is a by product of the Holy Spirit Jesus himself . "My Peace I leave with you , my Peace I give you "

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