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Sermon Series Prt 34 Building Up & Gifts Of The Kingdom

On this Sermon we start off briefly reading in the Old Testament about Abraham & how God renamed him and made a promise to him through his descendants / his seed . We then read in the New testament about how Abraham could not see it but believed in this promise in full Faith. We read about how when God spoke to Moses through to the Israelite multitude he told them in order to enter into the land & complete the promise they had to be no longer stiff necked but to circumcise the flesh of their heart . We read then in Romans in this same manner that we are to humble ourselves and to leave the old person or man behind , the old habits and ways behind a circumcision under grace In Jesus . Once we walk & turn fully to Jesus what thought we lost in the world we gain with what he fills and builds us back up with in the Holy spirit. Through the many spiritual gifts & the understanding of those gifts of the Kingdom of God .

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