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Sermon Series Prt 37 Leading & Revelations Of The Holy Spirit

Updated: May 2, 2022

In this special Passover Shabbat day sermon we start off with Romans 8:14 explaining that as many are led by the holy spirit we have become sons of god (or children of god ) . We take a look at what that entails with leaving behind lying coveting leaving behind our lusts and bridling our tongues as well as walking into our new life and light with Jesus. We also look at the example of Paul in Phillipians 3 speaking about how he lost everything to gain much in Jesus Christ . So what does it look like to be led by the holy spirit what does it look like to allow ourselves to be led and not resist Jesus and to walk with him in discipline and consistency . We read about Cornelius's experience of an angel coming to him , we also dig to understand a mystery about paul who describes being taken up to the 3rd heaven . Finally we read about several of Isaiah's experiences and what God promises through him about what we would experience in the New heaven and the new earth as we continue to be lead by his spirit the holy comforter .

We took a look at this video afterwards starting here

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