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Sermon Series 49 Enter In & Believe

We start off our Sermon looking at 1Corinthians 10:1-18 where Paul is stating that Jesus was and is that spiritual rock that went with the Israelites & who made a way for them but they continued to tempt God in the wilderness through idolatry and complaining . The holy spirit leads us to look at the 1 corinthians 9 & 7 looking to how we set a correct example. We also look at 1 samuel 18 and how jonathan set a 1st hand example of what paul states in writing in 1 corinthians and how he treats David " He loved him as his own soul".This goes back to Jesus teaching us to Love our neighbors treating them as we would ourselves . We then go through Hebrews and how we must hear his voice and believe him over everything or else we may perish like the israelites that we mentioned earlier who died during those forty years in the wilderness. Or we may not enter in to his rest which he promised to us through prophecy if we follow his laws which is his word and abide in him & trust in him. What does he mean his rest ? .. Explore with us as the holy spirit leads us to ask the right questions and gives us the right answers. Amen

Also Check out our Black History in The Bible Series 3rd Saturdays 1-2pm EST on Tight Knit Radio WOLB 1010 Baltimore

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