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Sermon Series 56 Patience & Right Judgement

We start off in this Sermon looking at Luke 8:11-23 focusing on line 15 Where Jesus says But that on the good ground are they which in an honest and good heart having heard the word keep it and bring forth fruit with Patience . We focus on Patience in our walk with Jesus and we move into 1 Samuel 3 in the 1st few lines we see that in the time of Samuel's youth as he ministers before the ark there is described that there is no open vision from god during that time. So Patience was a necessity & still is we move into 1 samuel 25 as we look at Davids story as he deals with Nabal and executes patience and right Judgement dealing with his men. We look at the opposite end of what not to do as Saul prays to god and gets no vision or dream or word from god because of his disobedience and rebellion and in his impatience he consults a medium who uses witchcraft (divination) only to tell saul of his inevitable death .

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