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Sermon Series 64 Solid Clean Single Minded

Video format starts after praise and worship

In this Sermon we start off with an urgent message through the Holy Spirit of What can be done through our acts of faith in 2 Chronicles 20:1-21 and all Judah Stood before the Lord with their little ones their Wives & their children . Then came the spirit of the lord in the midst of the congregation . We move into Philemon 20 where it sais "Having Cinfidence in Thy obedience I wrote unto thee knowing you would do more than I say " . Jesus leads to us to know by these words that he has guided us into all holiness by following him and praying to him to do exactly what he sais and more .. more than he sais . We read into Haggai where God talks about the clean and the unclean and how this applies to now that the things that we have given up to do more than what he sais is cleanliness being unspotted from the world. In 1st Timothy 1 we read the law is good if a man use it lawfully . We read in James 1 that as we walk away from the world from our flesh we are not to be double minded but brought up in faith. We will encounter those who doubt where Jesus has lead us and what he has told us to leave behind but our belief is what saves and cleanes as we walk with him . Discover more listen share and react . Amen

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