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Sermon Series 72 Revelation Prt 7

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

In 7th Part of Our Revelation Sermon Series we look at Revelation 17 & 18 at Jesus goes into the Judgment of Mystery Babylon which is America . How do we know this? First take a look at some visual examples of America and Ancient Babylon and how it was destroyed and is currently desolate where nothing grows and lives in the Bible in Jeremiah 25 we see this ? We look at the Symbols of Liberty in the United states one of the biggest being the Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty. We look at the description of the Great Whore who sits on many waters in Revelation 17 when we observe America we can see that it sits on the Atlantic Pacific and Arctic Oceans if we include South America . We also see the AntiChrist Beast Rise and this Babylon the Great Riding on the Beast we read more of the description of the Rise of the Anti Christ In 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 and the Judgement of Mystery Babylon or Babylon the Great in Isaiah 47 . We shared a couple of visuals Pictures and videos during this Sermon please see the link below for the video version. Amen

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