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Sermon Series 75 Revelation Part 10

On final 10th part of our Revelation Series we look at Revelation Chapters 20 through 22 The Holy Spirit leads us to look at Luke 17 we look at a couple of snaps shots of what the kingdom looks like in traits of the kingdom with forgiveness and what those who dont believe & go directly against him have in waiting for them. In this same vein we look at the places Jesus cursed Bethsaida Chorazin and Capernaum Jesus speaks briefly of this and points to the Judgement and we observe the desolation of chorazin in a video we preview. We read Revelation 20 and how the Judgement begins and the books are read we see that those that are worthy enter into the New heaven and the New earth and we look at a short video at what that could look like. We then read about the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 & 22 which in it he states that he is the Bright and Morning star. We look at this and how it is a significant prophecy .We finish off with Jesus speaking telling us to watch & be watchful in Mark 13:31-37. Pray seek comment give thoughts and Share . Asking the Right Question and seeking the right Answers in the holy spirit .

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