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Sermon Series 73 Revelation Prt 8

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

In the 8th Part of Our Revelation Series at Armageddon which leads us right into the 1,000 years of peace where Jesus Christ Reigns on Earth . The 1st scripture we look at is Zechariah 2 which details some of these events briefly. We then go into where we left off in Revelation 19 which talks heavily about the marriage supper of the Lamb to his bride the Church The Body of Christ the Great Multitude . It reads that the body the Church is "arrayed in Fine Linen clean and white , for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints . We see this same example in Revelation 3 :18-19 and in Zechariah 3 with the example of Joshua. We then take a look at the some special scriptures which detail the sharp sword that comes out of Jesus mouth and what it is in Psalm 18 and in the Apocrypha in 2 Esdras as well as Ezekiel 38 Jesus speaks saying IT IS DONE . We take a look at 2 videos about the Kidron valley as well one we watched previously and a brand new one . We are then lead into Revelation 20 which speaks about the nations being defeated as well as the AntiChrist and the Devil and us reigning with Christ in the thousand years of Peace. This is also detailed in Ezekiel 40 and upward which we go over . Discover how the holy spirit leads us through this. We shared a couple of visuals Pictures and videos during this Sermon please see the link below for the video version. Amen

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