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Sermon Series 46 Faith Of A New Nation

On this Sermon we explore a new inheritance that Jesus has promised us in the very near future the Kingdom a New Nation we start off with a verse about Joshua in Joshua 13:1-22 were God is speaking to Joshua that there is much more land to be conquered to complete the inheritance . We go back into Genesis 25:19-34 & Genesis 28:11-19 which talks about this inheritance of land that Abraham received and how it was passed on to Isaac and then to Jacob and how he saw a vision of God at Bethel where God promised to complete the things he told him in complete " I will not leave thee until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of" . We look at the faith of the nation that was built by reviewing Hebrews 10:1-28 and what Jesus promises us . In Lamentations 2 :15 we learn just what Jerusalem was like that it was the light of the earth and how it was lost in Lamentations 5:2-22 and what we would suffer (slavery bondage captivity) because of the great sins that caused the fall of Jerusalem. But just as Jesus said he would redeem his people and those who are his . We read in Ezekiel 37 21-22 " I will take the children of Israel from among the Heathen , whither they be gone and will gather them on everyside and bring them into their own land'. In Ezekiel 36:35 we read that the land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden . Israel is to be again to be inherited and this time it will be enlarged in Ezekiel 47 & that there would be no more overcharging and exactions . We learn that this period is during the thousand years of peace when we are taught by Jesus himself . In Revelation 20 ,21 & 22 we read a little more about this period the inheritance & the ultimate inheritance of the New heaven and the new Earth and the New Jerusalem where these is no sadness no cold no suffering and no need for the sun and moon because Jesus himself is our light .

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