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Sermon Series 45 Trials Praise & Afflictions Accomplished

In this Sermon we start off reading about Trials in Jeremiah 51 In this scripture God speaks to Jeremiah about the fall of Babylon. We take a look at this & look at how this relates to today and of course America itself today which is modern Babylon or ((Mystery Babylon)) the holy spirit then leads us to read Revelation 17 which talks about this Mystery Babylon. We then shift our focus to Job 22 & 23 & how these trials turn into praise . We look at 2 kings 12:7-20 with wealth being brought into the temple by Jehoash & Jehoida this directly applies to our walk and how once we overcome our afflictions Jesus through the Holy spirit fills us up with spiritual wealth/ Improvements in our temple (our bodies ). We look at examples in 1 peter 5 , 2 Timothy 4 In how we endure the afflictions & finally once we withstand our trials in Titus 2 & Psalm 50 these scriptures give us an understanding of what that improvement and or wealth looks like inside of us once Jesus builds us up as his children his church /his body . Finally in Revelation 19 Jesus reveals to us what his ultimate plan for us is in all of this to stand disciplined sturdy & consistent in Righteousness as saints at his marriage supper. Listen share testify with us Peace Love & Blessings of Jesus

Also Check out our Black History in The Bible Series 3rd Saturdays 1-2pm EST on Tight Knit Radio WOLB 1010 Baltimore

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