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Sermon Series 44 Following Jesus & Choices

In todays Sermon we take look at what it means to truly follow Jesus & some of the mistakes that the Israelites made in their walk. God speaks to them about these choices early on with the prophets Jeremiah & Ezekiel in Jeremiah 50 stating that the king of babylon destroyed them but he will bring them back & in line 34 their redeemer is strong . Ezekiel 17 goes into more detail stating that they rebelled against God breaking the covenant . God speaks to him about a great eagle and we briefly talk about how this relates to America & American slavery being directly tied to the Israelite slavery in Babylon. This ties into our choices that we make following Jesus as we read psalm 55 which talks about the upright compared to the deceitful . In Isaiah 33 which states that wisdom & knowledge shall be their stability further down God speaks and sais who among us can dwell with the devouring fire . He that walketh righteously and speaketh uprightly , he that despiseth the gain of oppressions . The holy spirit lets us know these are the right choices and we have to stand solid in them. Lastly the holy spirit leads us to compare Jeremiah 50 " For I will Pardon them whom I reserve" to way up in 1 Peter 1 that we are an inheritance reserved in heaven. Amen'

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