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Sermon Series 43 Raising Stones Refining

In this Sermon one of the 1st scriptures we look at is Matthew 3:4-12 Where John the baptist is rebuking the pharisees telling them not to say or excuse themselves as children of abraham he sais for god is able from these stones to raise up children unto abraham. We then explore the rest of this instance in Luke 3:11-14 where john continues in answering the pharisee's the common people , the publicans & finally soldiers pointing out to them to be content with your wages . We look at the end of Matthew 6 where jesus speaks on exactly this which relates directly to greed and never being satisfied . We look into Ephesians 4:32 about being kind to one another tenderhearted and forgiving . We look to Acts 15:1:21 for a literal example of this with Paul and Barnabas putting into practice the teaching of Jesus in Kindness in patience and in Peace .

Also Check out our Black History in The Bible Series 3rd Saturdays 1-2pm EST on Tight Knit Radio WOLB 1010 Baltimore

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