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Sermon Series 76 Like The Holy Child Jesus

In this Sermon we look at what & who Jesus sais is the greatest in the Kingdom after the disciples ask which he says that the greatest among you is the one who Serves . Amen . This is a statement that echoes through so much of the scripture we touch on Revelation 12 which goes into Satan seeking to devour the Holy child as soon as he is born . The 1st couple of verses speak about the dragon coming after the woman and the child and them being taken to a place reserved by god in the wilderness for 3 years . We look at luke 1 and Matthew 2 of Joseph and Mary fleeing to Egypt after the Angel gabriel sent by God tells them to flee because of Herod's evil plan. We see the continued theme of Satan coming after Jesus and at the end of Revelation 12 we see that Satan comes after the seed of the womans holy child which is us . We read in Galatians 5 that we are to Serve one another in love these are the traits of the kingdom and the children of God. This is the example we must follow in the example of Jesus the Holy child .

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