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SERMON SERIES 78 The Upright Family Of God Prt 2 Be Followers of God

On this 2nd part we look at being Followers of God As Dear Children. We 1st scripture we take a look at is Ephesians 5 and then Ephesians 6 which speaks of Children obeying their parents & obedience which Jesus speaks of & we went into in our last sermon. We then go into Genesis 24 we read that Abraham tells his servant to search for a wife for his son Isaac prophetically in Haran . We then go into more of Isaac story after he Marries Rebecca and takes her into her mother tent ushering her into a role as a wife & motherly figure to their children . Isaac even encounters Abimelech in the same area in Canaan that his father after God tells him to stay in the land and travel there while a horrible famine strikes the land . Isaac follows in his fathers footsteps literally and figuratively.Follow along with us Pray read seek share and give your thoughts .Thank you

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