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Sermon Series 77 The Upright Family Of God

We dive into the Holy Upright Family of God this 1st part deals with Obedience in our latest Sermon Series . The 1st scripture Jesus leads us to look at is 1 Peter 3:1-9 which talks about wives being in subjection to their husbands. The Part that we focus on is in verse 6 ''even as Sara Obeyed Abraham calling him lord who's daughters ye are" . We go into Genesis 11-12 & Genesis 17-21 taking a look at how Abraham was called away from his land being married previously to Sarah . God promised to Abraham and told him what he offspring would become . They journeyed to Canaan then through Egypt and back to Canaan going through these ups and downs Sarah obeyed her husband and Abraham honored his wife . During theyre lack of faith discord was spread but God brought them through it by the birth of theyre child Isaac which Sarah passed that obedience to her son and of course Abraham did the same . We take a look at a few videos that explain about Beersheba where they raised theyre children and another video about theyre possible lifestyle and hospitality that they showed to anyone who passed by. This is one of the number one things Jesus told us to do which was to Love our Neighbor.

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