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Sermon Series 83 The Sighing Of The Prisoners & Moses

On this Sermon we took a trip to the Museum of the Bible with Pastor Jimmy of the Liloc Ministry who are good friends of ours . We documented some of our experience along with some video and a few photos so follow along with us. For the Sermon Section we took a look at Psalm 79 in verse 11 Jesus leads us to talk about the groaning and sighing of the Prisoners. As go into the story of Moses and the exodus story we see this same sighing of the prisoners. We read in Exodus 1 about the suffering & bondage of the Israelites in Egypt as the pharoah increased their labor the Israelites increased in size. We then see the birth of Moses among the israelites and the killing of the 1st born males & what lead up to how God called Moses. Discover ,Seek , pray & ask with us as you listen and watch along with us . Blessings

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