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Sermon Series 82 The Upright Family Of God Prt 6 Preparation Preservation Hospitality

On our 6th Part Of our Series we start off in Romans 12 & finish Josephs story. We learn in Romans 12 that we are not to repay evil for evil and not take revenge but to repay evil with good . As Jesus leads us right into Genesis 46 we read that after Joseph confronts his brothers with love during a terrible famine that effects both Canaan (Future Israel) & Egypt he implores them to come to Egypt to stay.We see Jacob hearing of the news of his son being alive after thinking he was dead for more than 15 years . Jacob then travels to Beersheba where he communes with God. We read in Genesis 47 that the Israelites are welcomed into Egypt specifically Goshen which is very good part of Egypt by the hand of God Josephs blesses his family and his people with the favor of the Pharoah and the position he has been lifted to. We then see that Joseph is preserving the israelites as the famine gets worse. He also starts an exchange system , then a trade system and finally a barter and trade system given to him by god as he distributes grain. Read Listen along with us pray seek . Asking the right questions receiving the right answers in the Holy Spirit . Amen

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