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Sermon Series 81 The Upright Family Of God Prt 5 Trials Favour & Peace

In this 5th Part we start off with 1 Peter 3 which speaks of having peaceful chaste conversation particularly Jesus speaks to the women having respectable conversations . We then look at the example and friendship of Elizabeth and Mary . We then read the rest of the chapter and we see that amongst men and between husbands and wives there is supposed to be this uplifting conversation which Jesus commands us to make peace with all men which is obedience to god. Later on we see this example with Joseph and we pick up where we left off with Joseph rising in favor with pharoah of egypt and becoming 2nd underneath of the pharoah. Because of Joseph's favour he finds peace after trials and tribulations that he goes after being persecuted . Jesus gives us this hope and faith by our obedience in him he brings us to a place of Peace . Follow along with us . Amen

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