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Sermon Series 79 The Upright Family Of God Prt 3

On this 3rd part we explore Patience & the Blessings Of Children we explore the lives & miracles of the births Jacob , His 12 sons , Samuel and John the Baptist & of course Jesus himself . The 1st scripture we look in the Upright Family Of God is Matthew 18 where Jesus tells us to remain humble like children . With this He teaches us about the kingdom of Heaven . Next we take a look at the Miracle of Jacobs birth and what comes with children . Isaac speaks to God because of Rebecca being barren . We see that if we are faithful Jesus will answer our prayers according to our faith this prayer resulted in the birth of Jacob. We see the same with Rachel who is also barren in Genesis chapter 30 . We then see the birth of Jacobs 12 sons we also look at some mistakes he made that were very similar to his grandfather Abraham . We then look at 1 Samuel with the birth of Samuel Hanna prays to God after being ridiculed and not only has Samuel but 3 more sons and 2 daughters . We end at Luke 1 looking at the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus these scriptures point us to miracles and patience once Jesus speaks things into our lives they are true and real

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