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Sermon Series 85 Feeding Jacob Israel & The World

How do we describe the calling of Moses & the beginning of the Exodus? We can look to our own time period for the answers , this is what Jesus is telling us today. In this Sermon we 1st scripture we look at is Proverbs 16 :10-33 where Jesus speaks to Solomon about what a wise king is . We see the opposite example of this wisdom and meek and humble spirit in the example of the pharoah in the exodus story . Right before that though we can go into the rest of the exodus story Jesus leads us to look at Isaiah 40. This scripture speaks about the feeding and redeeming of Israel out of bondage in what is a future time and what we've talked about many times as the 2nd Exodus we examine this chapter and break it down. We then go into Exodus 5 & 6 and we see some of the challenges Moses dealt with as he was called by God to speak and preach and to declare the truth and the example that the israelites would be called into as an example for the world . We also take a look at how Jesus made himself known differently to Abraham Isaac and Jacob than to Moses and the children of Israel and what type of impact that made on them marching forward Amen . We also take a look at a piece of a film about Moses called Patterns of Evidence afterward.

Here are links to the film here

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