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Sermon Series 96 Instruction Of Jesus

Jesus 1st leads us to Isaiah 60 which is another scripture that talks about a future freedom in Israel. A future that as Jesus sais " I will make thee a eternal excellency a joy of many generations ". How do we get to that point , by following the instruction of Jesus. Jesus leads us into Exodus 25 where he begins to instruct the children of Israel on how to be build that Ark of the Covenant & its central piece the Mercy seat by 1st making an offering. This takes place right after the children of Israel are given the law and Moses copies the laws down in the book of the law (their early Bible) and they are sanctified and sprinkled with the blood of the sacrifice, creating the 1st covenant. Moses is given these instructions on Mount Sinai & again the 1st instruction is to take an offering for god of the things that were given to them by the Egyptians. The Gold , the Silver , the Brass , the precious stones , fabric and fine linen. Jesus instructs us now to do so many things and just like how we read in the words of the Bible it is up to us to come into agreement with those instructions and to do them, to do the will of God. Amen

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