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Sermon Series 93 A Sign Given

In this Sermon Jesus leads us to Matthew 16 and Ezekiel 3 & the call of a prophet in the past and this day and age. Jesus speaks to us in Ezekiel about the prophet being sent not to people of a hard & strange language but a familiar one. That if he sent him out to a people of a strange tongue or language the word would be heard. But he has sent him to a people of familiar tongue or a familiar language and they dont listen and they dont listen to Jesus. He goes onto to say they have a stiff neck. Reflecting on where Jesus takes us too sometimes we are around our family or people that we know and the word Jesus gives us they cant hear. But to strangers they can here us just like john the Baptist screaming Repent Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand to come. As Jesus leads us into Exodus 20 21 & 22 we Reflect on the Kingdom ,the 10 commandments & the old commandment that is the commandment the Jesus Paul and Peter mentioned that we love each other and that we love our neighbor.

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