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Sermon Series 91 Stepping Forward

In this Sermon Jesus leads us to explore Joel 2 & 3 as well as Luke 21:17-24 . Which explains deliverance , Stepping forward freedom & the return of the true children Israel to their homeland & the nations which are judged in the valley of Jehosaphat or the Kidron valley. This is then detailed in the New Testament in Matthew 25:31-46 where Jesus pleads or asks the nations how they treated him and his brethren or his family . Jesus leads us to take a look at how we are stepping Forward currently. We see a few current events that explore this discrimination on hair texture and a law that changes that , a loop hole in the 13th amendment that is being removed , a massive number of children that are being trafficking at the border detailed by a worker brought up before a judiciary court of the United states government. We then go back into the Exodus story as the children of Israel are delivered to freedom and the Egyptians and swept away by the waters of the red sea we see them literally stepping forward.The Israelites journey from the Red Sea to Marah then to Elim and finally to the wilderness of Sin where they stop at the stone at Rephidim not to far away from mount Sinai.

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