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Sermon Series 90 In The Midst Of ?

This Sermon is called in the Midst Of , but what are we in the Midst Of? Jesus leads us to Phillipians 2 & 3 we find out in chapter 2 that we are in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation . Jesus leads us further in the end of Ephesians 4 Jesus wants us to consider this topic. As we explore what this crookedness and perverseness in our nation looks like. It is historical and modern day slavery , murder , Idolatry and Deception but Jesus wants to bring us to place of Peace , Patience, Honesty and Deliverance and or Exodus . As we continue the Exodus story we see the children of Israel given freedom by God in Exodus 14 & 15. We see God split open the Red Sea as the Israelites Pass through the waters of the great deep. Jesus wants us to keep this in mind as these chapters come to a close and God defeats and obliterates the Egyptians that we are going to experience this again in Another Exodus in our near future . Amen . We then watch a short video as we see archeological evidence of this near Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea.

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